Friday, March 3, 2017

The Angel of Hell

I chuckle every time I hear anyone speak the words, “Obama’s legacy.” Your legacy is what you leave behind after you’re gone. Here is the true legacy of this evil man:
1. Perverted same-sex marriage forced on the U.S. 8. Russia invades Crimea & Ukraine
2. Legalized pot forced on the U.S. 9. American healthcare sabotaged
3. Muslim terrorists placed across the land
4. Military forced to accept perverts
5. Iran headed for nuclear bomb
6. China threatens the South China Sea
7. Renewed ties with Cuba
8. Russia invades Crimea & Ukraine
9. American healthcare sabotaged
10. Syria in turmoil
11. Egypt in turmoil
12 Libya in turmoil
13 Racial hatred an epidemic
14. Islam taught in public schools

This Angel of Hell has left a trail of death everywhere he has gone. His policies have destabilized governments, destroyed families and killed people around the world ALL with the open blessing of the Democratic Party, the News Media and the silent agreement of leading Republicans.

We must NEVER FORGET that the Democratic Party openly supports terrorism, criminal acts and Islam. Anyone who votes Democratic cannot pretend they are doing a virtuous thing. They are simply opening the door to more death & destruction. Americans need to get realistic about a few things: the News Media, liberal college professors, liberal school teachers, Hollywood, entertainers, most athletes ARE NOT“sincerely wrong .” They are enemies of life, freedom, Christianity, Israel, the family, morality and anything else pure and good. Quit “voting your wallet.” Quit pretending that effeminate surrender to evil is a godly virtue or you’ll see blood in the streets.

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