Friday, October 28, 2016

Motive de a vota pentru Donald Trump – Creștinii ce refuză să voteze pentru Trump încurajează corupția și imoralitatea guvernelor democrate

Caracterul celor doi candidați
It’s a given that conservative evangelicals are overwhelmingly opposed to the election of Hillary Clinton (D). Her “trust factor,” the American people’s confidence in her integrity, is not only the lowest of any candidate in U.S. history, but her vision and policy proposals for the country are generally anathema to devout followers of Christ.
On the other hand, Donald Trump’s (R) candidacy has raised issues of character related to his temperament. The Washington Examiner seemed to sum it up well, saying he certainly seems the opposite of what Christians “aspire to be: vain, self-absorbed, petty, superficial, and profane.” Recently, his campaign has been mired down with the revelation of an audio from 11 years ago that recorded him indefensibly speaking in the lewdest way about women.
A worthy question is whether the judgment of a political candidate’s character can be justly made in a monolithic manner. In other words, is it enough to consider personal flaws, shouldn’t the candidate’s political positions also be included as a part of making a character determination?
Politica imorală a doamnei Clinton
Hillary Clinton not only has a sordid past rife with deceit, alleged crooked business dealings, covering up and enabling her husband’s adulterous relationships, stealing White House furniture, numerous government corruption scandals, associations with radicals like Saul Alinsky, Benghazi, etc., but she also, in addition to all of this, holds egregiously immoral political views.
She is a rabid supporter of abortion. She holds that religious liberty should be subordinate to LGBTQ rights and abortion rights. She says that she would appoint federal judges and justices to the U.S. Supreme Court that would unquestionably undermine our constitution’s actual meanings of the First and Second Amendments.
Her proposed policies on terrorism and immigration would put the American people at an economic disadvantage, favor our enemies, and make us more vulnerable to criminal and terrorist activities.
Her economic policies are essentially socialistic in principle and could bankrupt our nation. All of this goes to character.

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